Bodegas Jimenez-Vila Hnos.

We are a small winery located in Requena (Valencia), eastern Spain. We are focused on obtaining the best product year after year putting all our efforts. We use local grape varieties as our project basis. The wines we elaborate are the reflect of the “terroir”.

We are a brother and a sister that want to make our own wines emphasising on quality and taking care of all the details during the whole process, from a very intense selections of the vineyards, to making attracting design for our customers.


Bobal grape is the main red variety in the D.O. Utiel Requena. This grape variety is only harvested in this area. This grape has medium sized bunches, deep intense colour and thick skin, making full bodied wines very good for aging. These wines have a powerful structure and volume, harmonized by very original sensation in nose and mouth, remembering black and red ripe fruit with some hints of leather. Bobal wines have their own personality identifying the region. Scientifics studies speak about bobal having big amounts of “resveratrol” which is a substance that has many heart benefits. Utiel Requena, due to its altitude (600-750m) and distance to the sea (about 60 km) makes this area perfect for growing Bobal.


Also known as “Planta Nova” is the local grape variety for whites. It ripens very late and its skin hardness helps to extend its life. The harvest is even after the red varieties. Tardana comes from “tardío” what means late in Spanish. Wines are pale yellow colour with some golden brightness. In nose is very intense with fruity aromes. The taste is fresh and balanced, very structured and persistent. The wine resulting doesn’t use to have high alcohol graduation.

Lo bueno se hace esperar...

Our Wines

We work basically local grape varieties and in some of our wines we make a coupage with international varieties as Syrah or Sauvignon Blanc.

Terra de Tardor

Tardana | Sauvignon Blanc

The main variety used is the Tardana. It is fermented in French new oak barrels and it stays on its lees for 3 months. We blend it with Sauvingon Blanc and the result is a wine with a very much personality, different and proving that great wines can be made from Tardana grape.

La Novicia


This is our youngest wine from all our red range. It is a young wine with some stay in oak, very appropriate for casual drinking.

Bodegas Jiménez-Vila Hnos.

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